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Taking Action

Together with Long Beach residents, workers, teachers and students, we are working to transform the City of Long Beach into a more progressive city that will enact policies which will support workers and their families. We plan to target voters in North and West Long Beach. Our program consists of two components: canvassing voters and advocating for public policy.

Canvass Program Targeting Long Beach voters

  • The canvass program will gauge community issues by engaging residents with a community survey and will help identify residents who are interested in advocating for a fair and sustainable economy in Long Beach by having them sign a pledge to vote and support a set of economic principles.

Public Policy

  • The Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs & a Healthy Community believes that the best way to achieve a Long Beach that works for everyone is to work with the community to pass innovative policies that will create good jobs, thriving communities and a healthy environment. As such, the Coalition is partnering with other community allies to work with local government to craft policies that benefit every resident of Long Beach.

The Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs & a Healthy Community is engaged in nonpartisan voter outreach efforts. We do not endorse any specific candidates.

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Community Leader: Annette Quintero

For the past 10 years, Annette Quintero has been active in numerous organizations dedicated to a variety of local and international issues.

Her most recent involvement encompasses international, national and regional advocacy and service work with the Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition. She has organized educational forums regarding multi-ethnic migration, health, education, and housing; advocated for comprehensive immigration reform and undocumented students’ issues; and raised $3,000 for immigrant families in sanctuary at local churches and over $8,000 in scholarships for CSULB immigrant students.

Quintero is also a member of the steering committee for the Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs and a Healthy Community. She has conducted media interviews about the need for good jobs in Long Beach, addressed the Long Beach City Council about the “working poor” and the need for a livable wage, and helped to organize many community delegations, marches, and educational events.

Since 2006 Quintero has served on the board of the African Well Fund, an organization dedicated to building and maintaining fresh water wells in Africa. She has organized various educational forums for the community, religious institutions, and schools; forged partnerships with leading international organizations; and worked to provide clean drinking water to more than 200,000 people in over 12 countries.

Quintero is a monthly volunteer with the Long Beach Community Action Team, which is dedicated to promoting social well-being among the Long Beach community by implementing youth programs, environmental stewardship, and animal welfare. She has also been involved in the CSULB community since becoming a student in 2005. She earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology at CSULB in 2007 and will complete her certificate in geographic information systems this month.