Wage Theft Launch-Group Shot

In 2013, the Long Beach Council passed a labor peace agreement for the Long Beach Airport and Convention Center that will minimize the chance of operational disruption and protect Long Beach taxpayers. Labor peace agreements ensure that workers and management work together rather than combatively. The union gives up its right to picket, strike or boycott the contractor, while the contractor agrees, for example, to not interfere with employees’ efforts to unionize. Similar agreements have been signed in the cities of Minneapolis and San Jose, at San Francisco’s Bayview-Hunters Point, at the Los Angeles Convention Center and at various Los Angeles hotels, and in the state of Colorado.

A Labor Peace Agreement at the Long Beach Convention Center and Long Beach Airport will:

✓ ensure steady operations

✓ Instilling collaboration between management and workers, benefitting the City

✓ protect a vital income stream from Long Beach’s proprietary departments

Read the fact sheet here.