Stand With Women Against Abuse

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Hotels are a billion dollar industry. Last Year, 42.2 million visitors passed through Los Angeles County, generating more than $18 billion in spending throughout the County. In the Long Beach hotel industry, an army of usually invisible women create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort for guests, while bolstering the local economy.

Working women face a broad spectrum of dangers at work in Long Beach hotels such as sexual assault and harassment and crushing workloads that involve rushing to make beds and scrubbing floors, often on their knees with little time to take breaks.

On top of that, housekeepers and other female employees regularly face sexual misconduct on the job. Degrading remarks and unsolicited exposure from guests combined with a culture that puts patrons ahead of employees’ wellbeing leaves women feeling paralyzed.

Stand with Women Against Abuse is an effort by the Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs and Healthy Communities to highlight the dangerous working conditions for women working in Long Beach hotels and building support in our communities to urge city leaders to hold hotels accountable for women’s safety.